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What Is Depression?

Depression is a psychiatric disorder that impacts millions of people. Individuals with depression seek help from primary care doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, mental health clinics, and hospitals every day. It is so prevalent that mental health professionals have dubbed it the “common cold” of psychiatric disorders.

According to recent statistics, 121 million people throughout the world are affected by depression. It knows no boundaries when it comes to age, gender, socioeconomic status, or race.

The effects of depression can vary significantly. For some, they cause a loss of energy and a sense of sadness that is difficult to shake although they are still able to function fairly normally. Others, however, are disabled by this challenging disorder – barely coping in a life that feels unbearable. And in the most serious cases, depression can lead a person to give up on life altogether – and end it with suicide.

In many cases, depression is treatable. However, there is a significant percentage of people with depression who find no relief despite years of therapy and / or medication – the two most common treatments for this disorder. For some of those people, residential depression treatment centers may help them finally find a path to creating a better life.

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