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Chronic Pain and Depression Often Go Hand-in-Hand for Adolescents

Research from Norway finds that young people who are struggling with certain mental health conditions often experience chronic pain at the same time. The research highlights the need for increased mind and body treatment planning for adolescents.

High Expectations Drives Depression in Privileged Adolescents

Parents want to give their children every opportunity possible, believing that it will enrich their lives and enable them to succeed. However, a new study challenges that mindset.

Are Psych Drugs to Blame for High Rates of Teen Suicide?

Suicide is the third leading cause of death—behind unintentional injury and homicide—of Americans aged 15 to 24, but we know shockingly little about the transition from “suicidal ideation” and planning to actual attempts.

Depression Leads Many College Students to Dropout

A significant number of college students begin their post-high school educational career at one institution but finish up at another, and some never do complete their degree. A study of college behavior found that six years after starting, 40 percent of university students were not wrapping up their education at the same college where they […]

Genes Explain 42% of Antidepressant Response, Study Finds

Individuals treated for depression rarely experience a quick solution. When antidepressant medications result in a successful treatment, symptom improvement is still weeks away when the first pill is taken. For many, several options are tried before the clinician is able to prescribe the right antidepressant that will reduce symptom severity.