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Depression or Burn-Out: What’s the Difference?

Whether a person works in a bustling office, from a virtual office or even is taking care of kids at home, sometimes the demands of the job can start to take their toll. Highly demanding roles can lead to sleep disturbances, feeling apathetic and blue and difficulty in remembering. Does this mean that the person […]

College Athletes Twice as Likely to Have Depression as Retired Counterparts

Depression is not a normal part of aging. A recent study further supports this finding with its surprising results. Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center found that when they compared current college athletes with retired college athletes, twice as many of the younger and more active college students suffered from depression than the athletes who […]

Children of Addicted Parents More Likely to be Depressed as Adults

Parents are often the greatest influence on young children. This influence can be either good or bad. Researchers from the University of Toronto have found that, unfortunately, a parent’s drug or alcohol addiction can not only involve the child in a world of substance abuse, but may influence the risk a child may have of […]

Disruption in Circadian Rhythms Has Role in Depression, Study Finds

Some people use the term “like clockwork” to describe how they feel at certain times of the day. It might be the same time every day they wake up even without the alarm, crave that cup of coffee, feel they are most productive, start to get sleepy, and need to climb into bed. Some researchers […]

Older Adults Have Greater Ability to Think Positively, Study Finds

Older adults have a number of psychological and physical problems that can potentially increase their risks for the onset of mental illness. In line with these increased risks, significant numbers of people over the age of 55 develop depression or some form of medically serious anxiety. However, older adults also frequently develop positive attitudes toward […]