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Depression Intensifies the Hard Parts of Being Ill

A chronic illness is any ongoing illness which evades cure but which can be managed with proper care. These sorts of long-term illnesses can require major adjustments. Those adjustments may be financial or they may be physical. When this happens the person affected may struggle with some negative feelings. Being limited by a chronic health […]

Drinking and Depression in Women

Drinking and depression are often connected. Women who are depressed may self-medicate using alcohol and women who drink too much are susceptible to depression. The combination presents specific challenges for the woman suffering from depression and alcohol abuse as well as for her caregivers.

Alleviating Treatment-Resistant Depression

Treatment-resistant depression is a term mental health professionals use to describe cases of major depression that don’t improve even after doctors use multiple treatment methods. More than 30 percent of all people diagnosed with major depression develop this form of the disorder. Current evidence indicates that many of the people who fail to respond to […]