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Social Anxiety May Increase for Teens as School Draws Near

Just about everyone feels a twinge of nervousness when entering a new situation, and the first day of school can be especially nerve-wracking for teens and pre-teens. For teens with social anxiety, worries over not knowing their way around, social demands and the fear of appearing foolish in front of peers can be the cause […]

Guilt Is Hard to Overcome When Suffering From Depression

All of us struggle with the consequences of poor choices at some point. When we do, it is normal and even good to feel guilt about what we have done wrong. But for depressed persons, there is often a nagging sense of guilt that is unattached to any specific action. A steady diet of self-blame […]

New Treatment May Help Eliminate Anxiety-Related Fear

Fear is a natural human response to a variety of dangerous or life-threatening situations. However, in people with mental health conditions called anxiety disorders, debilitating fear responses develop in situations that most people wouldn’t regard as either dangerous or significantly threatening. Mental health professionals can help alleviate anxiety-based fear through the use of a form […]