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Children of Addicted Parents More Likely to be Depressed as Adults

Parents are often the greatest influence on young children. This influence can be either good or bad. Researchers from the University of Toronto have found that, unfortunately, a parent’s drug or alcohol addiction can not only involve the child in a world of substance abuse, but may influence the risk a child may have of […]

Impending Mental Disorders Predicted Via Brain Scans

Depression and bipolar disorder are two mental health diagnoses that carry a strong genetic influence. While scientists do not fully understand the mix between genetic and other factors in the development of the two disorders, research has shown that individuals who have a family member with one of those two disorders has an increased likelihood […]

Depression in Dads Linked to Mental Health Problems in Their Kids

A father who is depressed is more likely to have children who have emotional or behavioral symptoms, according to a new study from New York University of Medicine.