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Disruption in Circadian Rhythms Has Role in Depression, Study Finds

Some people use the term “like clockwork” to describe how they feel at certain times of the day. It might be the same time every day they wake up even without the alarm, crave that cup of coffee, feel they are most productive, start to get sleepy, and need to climb into bed. Some researchers […]

Physical Health Starts in the Brain

The link between body and mind is very real. Physical pain and depression are commonly associated. Post-traumatic stress disorder and heart and brain issues have a proven relationship. The relationship is tied to science – serotonin, norepinephrine and neurotransmitters have fallen out of line, causing feelings of pain and depression.

Depression Intensifies the Hard Parts of Being Ill

A chronic illness is any ongoing illness which evades cure but which can be managed with proper care. These sorts of long-term illnesses can require major adjustments. Those adjustments may be financial or they may be physical. When this happens the person affected may struggle with some negative feelings. Being limited by a chronic health […]

Diabetics with Depression at Greater Risk of Death

Diabetes is the general term for two different disorders characterized by the inability to properly process glucose, a substance the body uses as its primary source of energy. Some people develop a condition called type 1 diabetes; however, the vast majority of affected individuals develop itype 2 diabetes. Current evidence indicates that people with both […]

People With Depression May Not Reap Full Benefits of Exercise

Depression is the common term for several different mental health disorders, known collectively as depressive disorders or mood disorders. People affected by these conditions, and especially people affected by major depression, have an increased risk for a variety of serious health problems, including heart attacks and heart disease. According to the results of a new […]