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Depression in Young Children Linked to Cardiac Risk Factors in Teens

Depression has long been linked to an increased risk of other mental and physical health issues. Depression is linked, for instance, to higher rates of substance use and disorders like anxiety. Physically, depression is connected with a higher risk for heart problems.

Stoke Victims and Their Spouses Often Need Depression Treatment

Surviving a stroke and recovery from a stroke are two separate issues. Stroke survivors are usually faced with a certain amount of adjustment and rehabilitation. Depression is a common struggle for the stroke patient and for his for her care-giver. In fact, one-third of stroke survivors deal with depression. It is a serious problem because […]

People With Depression May Not Reap Full Benefits of Exercise

Depression is the common term for several different mental health disorders, known collectively as depressive disorders or mood disorders. People affected by these conditions, and especially people affected by major depression, have an increased risk for a variety of serious health problems, including heart attacks and heart disease. According to the results of a new […]

New Study Shows Link between Depression and Heart Disease

 A recent study led by researchers at Concordia University in association with 5 other Canadian institutions, suggests that heart attacks are twice as likely to occur in patients who battle depression. The study, which recently appeared in the journal Psychophysiology, discussed how people with depression take longer to recover from exercise than people without depression.