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Drug to Reverse Depression Draws Interest of Ex-NFL Players

Retired NFL players are looking to the scientific community for answers to treat depression. The organization’s alumni association has asked thousands of former professional players to volunteer for a clinical study that involves a new drug.

Genes Influence Response to Depression Meds, Study Finds

Depression is a severe form of psychiatric illness that can produce debilitating life changes if not properly addressed. Unfortunately, according to the results of an extensive study review conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, only roughly 33 percent of all people with depression respond well to the first medications used to treat their […]

New Treatment May Help Eliminate Anxiety-Related Fear

Fear is a natural human response to a variety of dangerous or life-threatening situations. However, in people with mental health conditions called anxiety disorders, debilitating fear responses develop in situations that most people wouldn’t regard as either dangerous or significantly threatening. Mental health professionals can help alleviate anxiety-based fear through the use of a form […]

Popular Party and Date Rape Drug Quickly Alleviates Symptoms of Depression

Nearly a decade ago, at the Connecticut Mental Health Center in New Haven, a very interesting discovery was made. Researchers John Krystal and Dennis Charney observed that ketamine – an anesthetic medication and popular party drug known as "Special K" – provided fast relief for symptoms of depression. Dr. Krystal is the head of Yale’s […]

Depression Patients Respond Well to Anti-Inflammatory Medication

For many patients diagnosed with depression, treatment is centered on the use of anti-depressants. Anti-depressants are an effective remedy for many, but some patients struggle with side effects or have a case of depression that does not respond to common anti-depressant medications.