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Guilt Is Hard to Overcome When Suffering From Depression

All of us struggle with the consequences of poor choices at some point. When we do, it is normal and even good to feel guilt about what we have done wrong. But for depressed persons, there is often a nagging sense of guilt that is unattached to any specific action. A steady diet of self-blame […]

Study Finds Evidence of Anxiety and Depression Cycles

Anxiety and depression are two of the more common mental health disorders that are diagnosed in the United States. While awareness has grown, however, support in daily life may suffer as more people regard the disorders as commonplace.

When Negative Thinking Crosses the Line

Everyone experiences “negative” emotions – hopelessness, sadness, guilt, or anger – from time to time. These emotions are a natural part of the human repertoire and, in context, they can actually play a beneficial role in your daily life. However, some people become fixated with negative thinking, and thereby significantly increase their risks for the […]

Research Identifies Link Between Depression and Dementia

Depression occurring later in life is not necessarily a new phenomenon. A number of elderly individuals have found it difficult to deal with a shift in life, limited capabilities and a loss of independence. Now, according to new research, this depression may also have an association with cognitive impairment and suggest an increased dementia risk.