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Children of Addicted Parents More Likely to be Depressed as Adults

Parents are often the greatest influence on young children. This influence can be either good or bad. Researchers from the University of Toronto have found that, unfortunately, a parent’s drug or alcohol addiction can not only involve the child in a world of substance abuse, but may influence the risk a child may have of […]

Stoke Victims and Their Spouses Often Need Depression Treatment

Surviving a stroke and recovery from a stroke are two separate issues. Stroke survivors are usually faced with a certain amount of adjustment and rehabilitation. Depression is a common struggle for the stroke patient and for his for her care-giver. In fact, one-third of stroke survivors deal with depression. It is a serious problem because […]

When Negative Thinking Crosses the Line

Everyone experiences “negative” emotions – hopelessness, sadness, guilt, or anger – from time to time. These emotions are a natural part of the human repertoire and, in context, they can actually play a beneficial role in your daily life. However, some people become fixated with negative thinking, and thereby significantly increase their risks for the […]

Diabetics with Depression at Greater Risk of Death

Diabetes is the general term for two different disorders characterized by the inability to properly process glucose, a substance the body uses as its primary source of energy. Some people develop a condition called type 1 diabetes; however, the vast majority of affected individuals develop itype 2 diabetes. Current evidence indicates that people with both […]