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Depression Leads Many College Students to Dropout

A significant number of college students begin their post-high school educational career at one institution but finish up at another, and some never do complete their degree. A study of college behavior found that six years after starting, 40 percent of university students were not wrapping up their education at the same college where they […]

Depression or Burn-Out: What’s the Difference?

Whether a person works in a bustling office, from a virtual office or even is taking care of kids at home, sometimes the demands of the job can start to take their toll. Highly demanding roles can lead to sleep disturbances, feeling apathetic and blue and difficulty in remembering. Does this mean that the person […]

Chronic Worrying Can Set Stage for PTSD

Worrying is a mental state characterized by a sense of uneasiness and a tendency to dwell on existing problems or potential future problems. In certain contexts, this mental state functions as a natural, beneficial part of the human emotional repertoire. However, if left unchecked, worrying can turn into an excessive, unproductive process that increases one’s […]

Bad Reactions to Daily Stress Raise Risk of Mental Illness

Stress is the body’s natural biochemical reaction to potentially dangerous or undesirable changes in the surrounding environment. For a long time, doctors and mental health researchers have known that highly traumatic stressful events can act as triggers for the onset of medically serious forms of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression. According to the […]

Workplace Bullying Leads to Increased Use of Psychiatric Drugs

Workplace bullying is a term used to describe a range of aggressive behaviors designed to intimidate, threaten, humiliate or sabotage co-workers or employees in a job or workplace setting. These behaviors act as a rough adult counterpart to the bullying activities that occur in middle school, high school, or college settings. Several modern studies link […]