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Chronic Pain and Depression Often Go Hand-in-Hand for Adolescents

Research from Norway finds that young people who are struggling with certain mental health conditions often experience chronic pain at the same time. The research highlights the need for increased mind and body treatment planning for adolescents.

High Expectations Drives Depression in Privileged Adolescents

Parents want to give their children every opportunity possible, believing that it will enrich their lives and enable them to succeed. However, a new study challenges that mindset.

Primary Care Doctors Often Reluctant to Treat Teen Depression

Primary care physicians are the first line of health care, screening for conditions that would otherwise go untreated. This may be particularly true for teens that may be exhibiting mental health symptoms. Parents and teens may dismiss depression as normal teen angst, but a physician could spot the signs. However, a study discovered that pediatric […]

Treating Teen Depression with Acupuncture

Depression affects 15 percent of American adults and 20 percent of U.S. teens. While most teens experience bouts of angst just because they are in a highly transitional phase of development, many are diagnosed with clinical depression. Knowing how best to treat depression in teens is an issue of national concern.

Antidepressant Treatment Not Affected By Age of Symptom Onset

The onset of a mental disorder commonly occurs during the teenage years. While many mental health conditions can appear at any age, there are certain factors present that can provide a setting for symptoms to develop. The significant physical changes and brain development that occur during adolescence may serve as a catalyst for certain symptoms.