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Drinking and Depression in Women

Drinking and depression are often connected. Women who are depressed may self-medicate using alcohol and women who drink too much are susceptible to depression. The combination presents specific challenges for the woman suffering from depression and alcohol abuse as well as for her caregivers.

Focus on Postnatal Depression May Drown Out Prenatal Depression Concerns

There has been significant attention given in recent years to the risk of postnatal depression. Increasing awareness has led to screenings at postnatal checkups, in addition to the issuing of education materials from the hospital to new mothers following delivery.

Menopause and Depression

The change of life, as it is sometimes called, is the time when ovulation ceases for women. If it was only a matter of no longer having to deal with monthly menstruation, most women would look forward to this time. However, menopause occurs as a result of changes in a woman’s reproductive hormones and hormone […]